engine cranks but wont start right away on 1999 Ford Explorer

egine cranks fine but after ten secounds of cranking it wont start, i try again right after first attempt engine starts up no problem. no engine lights have gone on, have fuel, battery new

by in Carmichael, CA on December 30, 2012
3 answers
ANSWER by , December 30, 2012
Try turing the key from off to run - not start - wait a few seconds then turn key to off and then try to start the truck. You might have a fuel supply / pressure issue. Cycling the key runs the pump to prime the system if it has completely bleed back to the tank it would take a few seconds to prime the lines and build pressure to start. That is a free way to test and see what you might have wrong and give you somewhere to start looking.
ANSWER by , December 30, 2012
could be several issue,start by cking fuel pressure at diff times. i think you need like 51 lbs key on eng off
ANSWER by , January 05, 2013
Try checking your timing chain