Engine cranks, briefly starts and then dies. on 1999 GMC Yukon

The engine cranks over, the engine will start and within one second the engine dies. This occurs once every other month. Took it to dealer for a major tune up and it still happens. Fuel pump is working and has enough pressure...can you help me?

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I have the very same problem. No matter what I do... take the battery cable off, pull and replace fuses... etc, it just will not start However, if you wait exactly 15 minutes, it will start perfectly fine. Somebody suggested to me that the security system was kicking in and shutting off the ignition coil until it automatically cleared after 15 minutes.

Indeed, when I took it to a dealer for another repair, I mentioned that it happened to me two days earlier. He checked my computer and said the security system had kicked in twice recent to my visit.

Does anybody have anything further to offer?
I have a 1999 GMC Sierra 3500 5.7 (350) Dually. Same problem. But now it takes longer then 15 minutes. I sprinkled fuel into the intake and it would run until the fuel ran out. Then it would cut off again. I check the fuel rail test port. Pressed it down and good pressure of fuel came out. I know it's firing because it ran when I sprinkled fuel down the intake. On it's own, it will start for a sec and then shut off. Something won't allow the injectors to continue to pulse for some reason. I'm baffled.
check ECM unit
OK... I will try that. Can you tell me what an ECM unit is?
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Could be the fuel pump relay or fuel pump.
I have changed the fuel pump fuel filter starter and car will start then turn off..or while I'm driving it turns off..I put a little gas in intake it starts up but still turns off if I don't drive with two feet..what can b the problem..plz help me