Engine craddle on 2004 Chrysler Pacifica

My engine craddle is almost rusted through to the paoint I can't pass a safety inspection. How could this happen? It's garaged every night. How much will it cost to replace?

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Chrysler is replacing mine I have 76000 miles but I have the extended warranty of 8 years or 80000 miles and it covers this. You need to bring a suite against them so that they repair all of them because they never put drain holes in them. If they did not cover it I would have welded new metal over it and made it stronger than new. It would cost you 300 for a mig and a few hours practice
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The engine cradle is made of stamped steel welded together.and coated with black paint. Most vehicles have under body corrssion protection, however the engine cradle and suspension components do not. In your geographical enviroment, especially in the winter months with the salts on the roads, it is not uncommon for the undercarriage and suspension components on ALL vehicles to rust and corrode. Just because your vehicle is garaged every night means nothing unless the road debris is throughly washed away which is not practical. I suggest shopping at your local Auto Recyclers for online such as to locate a used cradle. Labor times to replace the cradle run about 6 hours.
Your logic would say that all 6 year old Pacifica's in New England would have the cradle rot. My Chrysler dealer says he has never replaced an engine mount in any Chrysler. I have high mileage but this is not a mechanical part that wears out. I wash the undercarriage every snow fall and garage it every night. Is the AC drip drain a casue? It's right above it.
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Well your Chrysler dealer is wrong. There was a Service bulletin issued in 2010 and it doesn't matter if you garage your car or not, they weren't properly spray coated. Chrysler admitted it, but will only cover cars made in a 6 week window leaving everyone else with engine cradle's rotting fast and Chrysler refusing blame. A class action law suit in Ohio has been filed Jan 2015.I'm in the same situation. Mine was garaged and washed regularly until I moved to an apartment. It was rotted before I moved in a short period of time. My hand can go almost straight through the rusted out section. I'm not the only one- you'll see when you Google it for the facts.