engine coolant leak(small) on 2000 Porsche 911

After car is warmed up and i park it i see a very small leak of yellow coolant dripping on driverside exhaust tailpipe.the coolant level seems fine and car operating temp warm stays about 180-190.i've looked underneath car and cant see anything obvious leaking except possibly the coolant resevoir.also notice a clear type fluid sometimes leaking from in front of passenger front wheel.any ideas? thanks

by in Boise, ID on March 06, 2010
2 answers
ANSWER by on April 16, 2010
You probably have a bad water pump. It is located just above the exaust system on the driver's side. Just replaced mine for $900.
ANSWER by on April 16, 2010
The leak near the front passenger side is your air conditioner condenser. It's supposed to.
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When i stop the car after it has been running a small amount of radiator fuild leaks under the engine for about two minutes then stops. it dosent happen when the car is jut siting.

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