Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Problem Report

Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Engine Control Module (ECM) can fail

(9 reports)

The Engine Control Module (ECM) can fail causing stalling, and engine and transmission drivability concerns.

Erratic engine idle. Stalling at idle and when slowing to stop or turn corners . Replaced ECM to correct. -
Problem; engine dies or sutters when driving at low speed, cooling fan comes on imeditly after starting car,speedometer does not regester,check engine light aluminated shifting erattic Diagnostic: check TPS resistance, check crank sensor, check ignition module for pluse, check speed sensor,clean MAF,check plugs and wires(600 ohm per foot ave), check temp sensorS and relayS. Solution: REPLACE ECM -
Transmission just stopped shifting into 3rd gear. Now it shifts hard into 1st and 2nd. I have to have the car up to 55 until it shifts into 2nd. Engine tries to cut out when an increase of rpm's is applied. -
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