engine control module on 1997 Chevrolet Express 2500

how to reprogram engine control module that is called VCM

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I'm sure somebody in your area does this mobile. You don't always need to take it back to the dealer.
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This will need to be done at a dealer,

VCM Programming
Take the following steps in order to set-up for the VCM (EEPROM) Programming.
• The battery is fully charged.

• The ignition is ON.

• The data link connector (DLC) is secure.

Refer to up-to-date Techline terminal and equipment user's instructions in order to program the VCM.
If the VCM fails to program, do the following functions:
• Check all the VCM connections.

• Check the Techline terminal and equipment for the latest software version.

• Try again to program the VCM. If it fails again, replace the VCM.

Perform the Passlock Reprogramming Procedure. Refer to Passlock Reprogramming procedure in Theft Deterrent.
Perform the CKP System Variation Learn Procedure. Refer to Crankshaft Position System Variation Learn .
For a functional check perform the Powertrain On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) System Check. Refer to Powertrain On Board Diagnostic (OBD) System Check .