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2005 Nissan Altima Question: engine computer

my car wont start, does it have something to do with my computer? -
Answer 1
Get computer scanned for any codes. Have had many problems with older style cam & crank sensors. If this is your issue, always replace both at the same time. Could be fuel related, basics are Fuel, Fire, & compression. -
Comment 1
Recently had car fixed for ignition switch. Two days later check engine light came on. Most time it would start, but I drove to work two days ago, and got off work it will not start. Also before I went to work took it to autozone, he did not get any codes only multiple misfires showed up. -
Comment 2
Need to see if you have an RPM signal and/or cam signal. If yes check for spark, and check to see if you can hear the fuel pump running, and/or fuel pressure at intake. Can do more checks, but try these first. There is a recall to reprogram the ECM for bad crank/cam sensor problems. -
Answer 2
Recall for the crank sensor on certain Altima engines, call dealer with vin# check to see if your car is included. -
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