engine codes on 1999 Mazda B2500

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can somebody tell me what engine code P1506 means
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my scanner shows it as idle air control over speed malfunction.check the idle air control sensor to see if its dirty or has a loose connection.if its bad they're $35.99 at auto zone.
when I start my truck it won't idle if I put the gas pedal to the floor the engine rpm revs up then goes right down and then revs up and down exhaust blows out strong fumes If I unplug the maf sensor the engine runs fine but won't idle I did replace the aic sensor and the maf sensor could I have a defective maf sensor
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anything is possible with todays technology as far as getting a bad sensor.did you clean the carbon out when you changed the iac?
how do you clean the carbon out you really can't see it's at the back of engine
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sounds like a pain then.anyway of getting carb cleaner in an aerosol can to spray it out?or look at it with an inspection mirror to see if its dirty?