Engine Code PO455 on 1998 Chrysler Concorde

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My check engine light went on, and I had my code read. I came up PO455. So I repalced my gas cap and had the code reset it came back on. What should I try next?
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The code signifies a large evaporative emission system leak (usually a lost gas cap) but if you replaced the cap and the code returns there is a leak in the charcoal canister or the purge valve or related hose. A repair shop will force the valves shut electrically and use a machine that generates insert gas in the form of smoke into the system to find where the leak is.
Is this the same as a Purge Solenoid?
try getting someone to diag it. guessing gets expensive from here. the system is complex and needs someone with expierence to accrately diag it for you.

there will be an evaporative cannister usually located beside your tank with hoses going in and out, also with an electrical wire, this box can easily be removed and cleaned out by running thinners through the box and filter, be sure to completely dry it out with compressed air before reinstalling