Engine code PO2004 what does it mean? on 2004 Ford Freestar

The engine light is coming on in the dash I went to pep boys and they ran a dianostic code PO2004 what does that mean? They said it was a dealer code?

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The code is too long. It's either P2004 or P0204. Could you confirm which one?

P0204 Injector 4 Circuit Fault. It means there is a problem with the #4 cylinder's fuel injector or its circuit, maybe signal from the ECM. The circuit could be checked with a lab scope or a noid light. Unfortunately there is not much you can do without the proper diagnostic tools and knowledge to determine what is the exact problem. I'd suggest a repair shop.

Is this someting I can wait with for up to 2 weeks or needs to done asap?
Is there a drive ability issue? Do you feel misfire, hard cranking or any other problems?
If there is no issues, The problem might be intermittent and won't cause any problem by driving it.

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go to for code information