engine bogs down/sputters on 2002 Dodge Intrepid

we replaced the water pump and vehicle now bogs down. it sounds as if we are giving and letting off the gas.we replaced the cam sensor, but still the same. we even took apart to confirm timing was right, and it was.

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the timing chain is a nightmare. I have done these and even checked the timing but found I was off a tooth on the exhaust both times

thanks. we took off the cover 3 times and all was well
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Can you check for diagnostic trouble codes in the engine computer?
i did . both times it came up with cam sensor and # 1 bank problem. replaced the sensor, and didn't think I had to address the bank problem, since you don't have to take off the chain for the cam
mine is doing the same thing, the code that came up is the MAP sensor
make sure you have the 3 spots(copper color) on the chain in the exact location. After replacing the pump, we had to replace the complete timing chain assembly due to a new desig. Good Luck