1990 Chrysler LeBaron Q&A

1990 Chrysler LeBaron Question: engine bad

Would it be worth to change the engine in my lebaron when it was built in 1990? -
Answer 1
No, average engine rebuild runs $3000 and up -
Answer 2
Yah go t a junk yard just about any year matching engin from almost any dodge chrsler or plymouth should work. I can't imagin the junk yard would want more than a couple hunder dollars for a used but healthy engin -
Answer 3
I am interested in what you do with your car. I have a 1991 that emits a puff of blue smoke when I start from a stop. Only 70K miles! Mechanic recommended Rislone to clean out the valves and rings so that the rings are not stuck and expand properly. It seems to be helping some, but I am looking at an engine I found in the junkyard with 70k miles on the speedo and CLEAN OIL in the cranckcase -
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...engine cranked normal but a few days later after sitting, back to the same old hard start and check engine light.I had the alternator checked and was ok.Also new fuel pump. Would the check engine light appear...
I have a 1991 Chrysler LeBaron Convertible which smokes bad all the time otherwise runs nice. Any ideas as to what is causing this? Thank you
what causes smoke to come out when starting the car up and when driving the smoke turns blue.
When I go to stop the transmission downshifts & the car will jump forward.Had the computer reprogramed,but after a couple of days it starts to do it again.