2000 Dodge Ram Van 3500 Q&A

2000 Dodge Ram Van 3500 Question: Engine backfires through intake

Every several weeks my van backfires ( sounds like through the intake) Only does this when starting out warm. -
Answer 1
Mileage, engine,trans. and maint info all helpful to answer your inquiry.Any recent(3Mo.) repairs? -
Comment 1
149000 miles.I think it's a 318,Automatic trans.No recent repairs, Has had regular maintenance.It did it about 6 weeks and 4000 miles ago than again recently. It lasts for about 30 seconds than runs fine again. Thanks millions for any help. -
Comment 2
Has the check engine light ever come on , or has it been scanned to see if any temporary (pending) codes are stored? maybe have 'live' data scanned to watch for misfires under the conditions described when it occurs. -