engine acts up on 2002 Ford F-150

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My 2002 f-150 sometimes skips badly to the point that the truck bucks. It does not always do it, but does it quite often. The problem seems to occuring at the top rpms in each gear. Does not seem to do it when idling. Codes indicated EGR, PCV, and numerous other problems. Replaced them to no avail. Check engine light stays on. 4.2 (6cyl) with standard trans
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V6 Engine
The EGR orifices in the intake manifold may plug with sludge. If the truck has high mileage, this may cause engine misfire when first accelerating because too much EGR gas is directed into the cylinders of the unplugged orifices. This makes the mixture lean, which causes a gradual stumble that increases in severity until repaired
I had the exact same issue with my 02 and thought my transmission was slipping. To go a cheaper route, I decided to replace the spark plugs since my milage was at 102k. Replacing the spark plugs did the trick.