engine accasionaly runs rough on 1990 Ford Thunderbird SC

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can you help me with a 90 tbird super coupe that seems to have a simular problem. Runs great but at times will run rough and want to stall. Tach and instruments go dead and check engine light comes on. Crank sensor was replaced @ a repair shop. This was replaced because engine would just die while driving it. They said they also did something with the ignition module.they replaced ign module first and fried it because the crank sensor was bad. Is there something they missed or is not hooked tight? What can I look for to fix? Is there an easy fix?
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The gauges going dead and the check engine light coming on may be related to it stalling- this may be normal. That year Ford product had issues with the idle air valve. Short of a tech diagnosing it you may want to replace the valve as they are cheap and easy to replace. Just remember to verify the engine should barely idle when it is hot and the valve is disconnected. Good luck!!