engine on 1990 Chevrolet Celebrity

I have a 88 celbrity 2.8 v6 mfi engine,it will not start after it runs and get hot,I,ve changed all ignition modules,sensors,except heat sensor,I get no check engine light and no codes on scanner,someone suggested changeing fuel injector wireing harness which I cannot find as when it is hot I get no fire thru the harness to injectors any help will be greatly appreciated,,thaks

by in Niland, CA on January 30, 2011
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ANSWER by on October 12, 2014
its not uncommon to get a bad module either/although new check it again
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This engine may leak oil from the valve cover gasket.
Our technicians highly recommend that the engine coolant be replaced every 30,000 miles.
The fuel pump may fail causing engine to stall and not restart.

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