Engine on 1996 Toyota RAV4

Need to know if this Rav4 has a non interference engine or an interference engine. Timing belt broke while driving and mechanic says I need a new engine. Sad in Rural Ohio and bad luck with shoddy mechanics. Just found a new mechanic and not totally trustworthy yet.

by in Gallipolis, OH on March 02, 2009
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ANSWER by on March 02, 2009
This engine may bend valves if the timing belt snaps. A lot of Toyotas do not. Checking the valve clearances proves whether the valves are bent or not (gross clearance is the result of a bent valve), but that requires labor time to put a timing belt back on the engine. Perhaps best way (cheapest way) to know for sure if valves are bent is to drop the pistons half way down the cylinder bore then turn over the camshafts to close the valves in each cylinder and then apply air as if you were doing a cylinder leakage test. The results will be tainted as cylinder leakage should be done with an engine at operating temperature.
COMMENT by on March 02, 2009
Thanks, I'll cross my fingers!
ANSWER by on March 08, 2010
Wrong, it is a non-interference engine
ANSWER by on March 16, 2010
I have one quick answer. First of all the mechanic should have offered you an option. Depending on how fast the engine was running at the time of the failure it may have only bent valves. You can usually have the head removed, take it to a local machine shop and have them go through the head and replace any bent valves. Then the head can be reinstalled with a new head gasket and a new timing belt installed. There should not be need for a new engine, someone doesn't want to do the hard work it sounds like to me.
ANSWER by on November 22, 2010
Its a non so it don't hurt it at all. Mine hade dots on sprocket but I couldn't find any marks to line it up to. So take spark plug out of number one piston sick somthing in there on piston (screwdriver)and turn the crank tell that's a s high as it will go TDC. Then turn the cam to were the valf is closed.
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