1999 Dodge Grand Caravan Q&A

1999 Dodge Grand Caravan Question: engine

this van has 226,000 miles on it and has never had a tune up flushes or even a belt since new just front brakes one time and battery oil is changed every 10,000 miles it uses a quart of oil every 8,000 miles how much longer will it last before any repairs are needed? -
Answer 1
It is not possible to estimate the life of the vehicle, however an Oil and filter should be changed every 3000 miles. Oil consumption of one quart every 8000 miles is excellent. Sounds like you just need to perform a complete Tune-up. Replace the Cap, Rotor, Ignition Wires, Spark Plugs, PCV valve, Fuel Filter, Air Filter, Belt and Tensioner, Clean the Throttle Body. These are just general maintainence usually performed at 60,000 mile intervals. If you have any oil leaks, have them fixed. Replace your cooling system hoses, thermostat, and coolant. Service your Transmission, replace the filter and fluid. You should be good to go for some time. -
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