Engine on 1999 Chrysler 300M

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when i drive my car for a while and turn it off it either wont start again or if it does start it'll sputter and bog! what is that caused from? it seams to be related to the temperature. because it only does this when the temperature moves slightly above the half way mark. talked to a supposed mechanic but told me some odd things.
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check ur crankshaft position sensor
May be a leaking injector or an electrical component is failing when it heats up. Have the residual fuel pressure checked to see if it holding pressure when the engine is hot.
chrysler has a re call on the 300m cam sensor for them messing up the cat converter check into it
go to an autozone or some place similar...have them check the engine codes for free...spend the $40 for a new cam shaft position sensor
This problem is caused by heat buildup in the intake manafold causing vapor locking. It makes it not start and sputter when it finally does. If the engine cools down, it will start and run fine. The cooling system is the culprite and unfortunatly the best fix is to replace the old plugged radiator with a new one and flush the block.
I've had that same problem, on many different cars. I bet you it's your STARTER, what happens is after driving around for awhile the start that is going bad starts too heat-up and when you turn your car off, your stuck until the starter COOLS off enght to start,,, but, if you do try to start it back up too soon, it will sound like your battery is going, and you will think you need a jump.. Just wait like a hour or so and it will start-up like their was nothing wrong......I hope this is your issue....Good luck.. Rod.