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1992 Ford Probe Question: engine

my 1992 ford probe 2.2 wont stay running. It starts fast but only runs for about 5 sec then dies. The check engine light is on.Any RPM's I give it, it will only stay running a few sec -
Answer 1
Start with checking all the intake hoses for large leaks, then check the diagnostic codes in the engine module, search this site for info related to the codes for more info. -
Comment 1
I looked and saw no problems with hose's. But I saw a problem with the mass air flow electic wirering. Could this be my problem of of my probe not staying running? Or do I have another problem. -
Comment 2
I would definitely fix any issues with the MAF sensor wiring. If the vehicle has diagnostic trouble codes, you will want to pull those from the engine control module as well. -
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