Engine on 1992 Plymouth Voyager

If the T-belt is worn would that slow the ignition rotor?

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A worn timing belt is likely to "slip" causing the camshaft and pistons to go out of synchronization and is likely to break the timing belt. It wont make the engine turn over slowly. A discharged battery will cause the engine to crank slowly and may even cause it to crank over slow enough that the ignition system will not produce adequate voltage to start. Retarded ignition timing will cause an engine not to start.Why did the distributor cap get damaged in the first place. I haven't seen it on a Plymouth but some older Honda and Acura's used to seize the distributor causing the timing belt to slip, this was obvious on inspection you would see the ignition rotor would be melted.
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This is an odd question...can you step back a bit and explain the problem you're trying to address? Are you diagnosing a no-start problem?
A piece broke of the disributor cap.I replaced it an the ignition rotor. When i tried to turn the ignition before i put the cap on, an it was turning slow,an the van still will not start after i put the cap on it, so i wanted to know if the t-belt could have anything thing to do with the van not starting.
I have a 1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager. It wouldn't start the key turns but make a funny noise the water and oil leaked out. There is nothing wrong with the battery. It was running fine. But now having trouble starting and holding water .
The truck would not start.