ENGINE on 2001 Land Rover Range Rover

my range rover has code po171,driveing off it sputters & spits back for a few moments then drives off with not much power as it did before,and eats the gas,i wanted to change the pcv valve but can/t find it,could you let me know wher it is, THANKING YOU WINSTON

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P0171 indicates that the computer has detected that the fuel system is too lean. I'm suspicious that the bank 1 (where cyl #1 resides), "front" oxygen sensor's failing (and the computer compensates by adding fuel to bank 1), or that there's an air leak into the air intake for bank 1, or that there's an air leak into the exhaust on that side.
Sorry, I don't have any info on the PCV location for you.
I recommend you find a Land rover specialist with a scanner and read the data pertinent to the fuel system and give you a diagnosis.
If you want to find a specialist, here's a directory link for you: