Eng. starts but dies in seconds instr. cluster board lights dead Fuse #11 burned on 2002 Audi TT Quattro

Driving on a uneven country road, I heard a hit underneath (stone?). Now, the engine starts, but dies after few seconds,the cluster instruments lights on board doesn't work, the fuse #11 (5A - instr. cluster, shiftlock,
autom. beam control) burns each time I replace it.
Please don't send me to mechanic, I have to try to fix it myself; I'm good on mechanics, once I know what I have to do.
Thank you!

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Not sure what fuse 11 powers but if this happened after hitting something I would check the wiring under the car for damage. Maybe a wire got pinched and is now grounded to the body. Also check forums for similar issues and see what others may be experiencing. I know it's not much to go on but it may be a start.
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If fuse blows for the instrument cluster that maybe the cause of stalling after start. I believe the ecm and instrument cluster verify a immobilizer code (start authorization system)against each other. If fuse for instrument cluster or ecm fails this can't happen and vehicle will not run. So I would see what circuits that fuse is for and look for a shorted wire. Chris-