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2000 BMW Z3 Question: EML and DSC lights.

The EML, DSC, and Check Engine lights came on yesterday. I reset the DSC then the EML and the DSC lights went off. I disconnected the battery for 30 seconds and the Check Engine light went off. The car ran perfectly as always. Today all 3 light are back on and I cannot get them reset. Any advise and what is involved in dealer repair? -
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Often times, systems like EML and DSC overlap, so a failure in one system can cause all related systems to also shut down and set a code. So if you fix the EML problem, the DSC may fix itself. The only way to know why these lights are coming on, will unfortunately require the car to be diagnosed by a competent BMW mechanic. If the dealer isn't your thing, you can find good independent BMW mechanics by visiting these websites: www.bimmershops.com www.bimrs.org -
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Thanks, There is a good BMW mechanic I've used and who has serviced this car since new, I'm the second owner. -