EMISSIONS SYSTEM on 1993 Lincoln Town Car

what do I do to fix my car? The check engine light turns on after driving for 7 or 9 minutes? Tell me different causes and scenarios. THANKS...

by in El Paso, TX on July 02, 2009
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ANSWER by on July 02, 2009
Start with the RepairPal article on possible causes: http://repairpal.com/check-engine-light Others in here may be able to give you more insight, but that's a start.
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The EGR tube may plug causing the EGR system to not function at all. As a result, engine pinging may be noted and the vehicle can fail mandated emissions testing.
...pass smog, with light on, though with tailpipe monitored, itpasses emmissions. only no-pass is check engine light on.
In high dust areas, problems with the EGR system are common. The filter for the EGR solenoid may plug and cause the EGR to activate when it should not; this can cause the engine to stall. The dir...
I don't know where to look for a small leak PO442?
Can a 1996 Lincoln Town Car engine be transferred to a 1994 Lincoln Town Car body.

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