2004 Honda Odyssey Q&A

2004 Honda Odyssey Question: Emission control light is on

The emmission control light came on and stays on -
Answer 1
This light can come on for many reasons. The next step is to check the vehicles computer system for diagnostic trouble codes, then perform the appropriate diagnosis to determine what is wrong. Here are some shops near you that can perform this for you: http://repairpal.com/directory?address=77429&car_brand_names=Honda -
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The evaporative emission control solenoid can fail in areas of the country where salt is used on the roads during winter.
I just got a 2004 Oddysey, and when the temperature control knob is turned toward the middle (between hot and cold), I hear brisk rattling that sounds like the actuator or servo that controls the a...
A faulty Idle Air Control valve (IAC) can cause the engine to surge and the Check Engine light...
On certain models the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) can misinterpret data from the coolant sensor and set a false Check Engine light (MIL). A software update from Honda is needed for this repair.