Emergy flasher is working but turn signal are not working or flashing. on 2001 Audi A4 Quattro

The turn signals (left and right) are not working. It's not flashing/blinking or making the usual sound. However, the emergency flasher (with the red triangle button) is working fine (both lights are flashing).

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I had this happen to me. I followed a YouTube video and repaired it myself. Both relays, one for emerg lights and one for signal lights, are found in the emerg light switch located on your dash. Being extremely careful and using a small screwdriver you can remove the switch quite easily. Follow the video (just search audi a4 turn signal not flashing and follow the detailed instructions on how to take the switch apart and clean the contact. I did this, put it back together, installed it and my signal lights now work. Saves time and money
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First check fuses. I believe your car has two flasher units, one for signals and one for hazard. The most likely cause is a bad flasher. Any parts store should have it and may be able to show you where it is to replace it.