Emergency Flashers start blinking when the car is not running. on 1991 Lincoln Mark VII

I just happened to go to my garage to get something and the emergency flashers were on. It was not in the engaged postion for them to flash and no key in the ignition. I think my car is possessed. Do I have an electrical problem somewhere?

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you may have wiring or turn signal switch issues in steering column
Is there a test for that? Or do I have to take the column apart to find out? Another responded with possibly security alert. Theft guard is on. BTW thank you for your response.
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Does it have any kind of aftermarket security (or factory) that may have been set off?
Factory alarm system. The car is on jacks, a new fuel pump and fuel filter is being put on. Fuel tank is dropped and disconnected. I disconnected the negative battery cable. (After the flashers started flashing)
could be a shorted signal flasher
Thank you, will check it out. And let you know.
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