1995 Mercury Mystique Q&A

1995 Mercury Mystique Question: emergency brake lock-up

Does anyone know an easy way to manually unlock the rear brakes after they've locked up? Whenever the emergency brake is used on my car is locks the brakes. Please help! -
Answer 1
Need more info disk or drum brakes ABS or not. I would check a Haynes or Chilton's for dissasembly that might clue you in -
Answer 2
If drum brakes in rear it sounds like the hand brake cables are seizing up, if the car has disc brakes in the rear the calipers may have an internal problem, the pivot that the hand brake cable attaches to on the caliper is seizing or again the hand brake cable is seizing. The system has to be inspected to determine what is failing. -
Answer 3
Sounds like it's brake pad time. This seize can be fixed at that time. -