emergency brake light staying on on 2006 Nissan Quest

What is causing my emergency brake light on my cluster to stay on? Van has 38000 miles on it. Tried setting and releasing the park brake several times but light stays on.

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The most likely reason for the "emergency brake light" on your Nissan Quest to stay illuminated when the engine is running is if either the hand brake is applied, the handbrake light switch is defective, or if the brake fluid level is low. Check the fluid in the brake fluid resiviour The brake fluid resiviour is located on top of the brake master cylinder in the rear right corner of the engine compartment looking in from the front of the car with the hood open. It should be a transparent plastic resiviour with a black or yellow cap on it. The fluid should be clear or honey in color, unless the fluid has not been changed periodically in which case it may be dark brown or black in color. If the brake fluid resivior is indeed found to be low in fluid it may be a sign of a leak or that the front brake pads are worn and the fluid level has dropped to compensate for this. It is important that you get this checked out as soon as possible. Hope this helps, please tell your friends about Repairpal!
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Alternator is bad sometimes they both also flash
low on brake fluid