Element won't start on 2003 Honda Element

Please help. Trying to start my 2003 Element...nothing. Has a realitively new battery...had starter replaced 3 months ago. Horn and lights work. Power locks will not come on...power windows not working, and I can't get it to shift out of park so I can roll it out of the garage! I really need some guidance hear! Thanks.

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The horn, lights, power door locks all work independent of the ignition switch, radio and windows are operational only after ignition so that is a vital clue as to is the shift lock detent. If you can get access to the wires at the ignition switch the white wire should have power (12 Volts) key off, if not check for blown 50 Amp fuse fuse #20 in the fuse box in the under hood is bad. Ignition key in the first position white, and black/yellow wire should have power, key in second position white, black/yellow and black/red wire should be live, key in third position white, black/yellow, black/red, should be live and the black/white wire then sends power to the starter relay and on to the starter. But my guess is the 50 Amp fuse #20 is blown. I replaced the 50 Amp fuse; tried to crank the made a spurt like it was going to start and then promptly blew the new fuse. Now I am just frustrated. I need to be able to move the Element out of my garage at least....I know I should not use a higher Amp fuse....can I replace the fuse again and just turn the ignition enought to get the vehicle out of Park?
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To move an automatic Honda Element into Neutral to allow it to be moved: There is a little cap to the right of the shifter. Its an odd shape. Gently pop that off with your key, insert your key and the shifter can then be moved to Neutral. All automatics have this release mechanism to allow for towing. It usually resides right next to the shifter.