Electronic throttle control light on on 2007 Dodge Caliber

I just changed the rear brakes on my 2007 caliber and now the Electronic Throttle Control light is on. What 's this about? thanks

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I cant see how the two are related. Your electic throttle body is controled by a sensor with your gas pedal that tells the throttle body how far to open. Were you able to scan for code.
I just had the same problem, new brakes, care will not start and electronic throttle light is on. Why?
I have the same problem can somebody help me it wont start... the ligth is on in i plug the conection will not start if i unpluged it will start but shacking n wont acelarated pliss help
Unfortunately no answer for you. We have that problem today. Fixed the front brakes of a 2012 Dodge Journey and the Electronic throttle light came on. It won't go more than 10-15 mph.
Have any of you replaced the electronic throttle control