electronic throttle assy on 2006 Ford Freestyle

wrench icon on dash, computer says new throttle assby, but on nat'l b/o, then$750.00 to fix? Seems a lot to me. Why on B/O, is this happening to all Fords, it just lunges foward when you least expect it to.

2 answers
I had a problem with the wrench light coming on and I replaced the throttle body assby but that was not it. The internal seal on the transmission failed. It was replaced and failed again 6000 miles later. My mechanic put a throttle regulator on it and a new seal and so far no more problems.
they are quite pricey.but you can install it yourself if it will help with the labor cost.takes about 10 minutes to do. being a ford tech I cannot comment on how common these fail and b/o status. order one and get a handy friend or yourself to replace it use a 1/4 swivel with an 8mm socket and 12 inch extension and 1/4 ratchet and DO IT,YOU CAN DO IT!good luck