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1997 Ford Explorer Question: Electronic Temp Control - Blower Motor Issues

My blower fan was only operating when I manually set the control to max, and the rest of the settings don't work. So I bought a new blower motor control module and spliced it in. Now my blower fan is on full no matter what and I can't shut it off, even if I push the "OFF" button on the interior interface. I've checked all the fuses for the EATC and everything seems fine. I even got a second part from another source just to see if I got the wrong one, but nope, same part number. -
Answer 1
I have the same problem. I had to replace the control head but I still need the blower control module. Could you please tell me what part # you've tried? I see that the module for the '97 model was changed for the '98 Explorers. The part I've seen is around $200. -