Electronic Issues on 2002 Volvo S60

1. I there a way to turn off the headlights for daytime driving. The bulbs burn out too often.

2. The instrument panel goes black with no instruments working. I was quoted $1,300.00 to replace it. Is there a cheeper way to remedy the problem?

What do the following fuse titles refer to: BCM, RTI Display, Central Electronic Module, SRS and ECM?

Thank you.

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1. You need to take the car to a Volvo Dealership, or an independent shop that has the computer that can re-program the headlight settings.
2. Without diagnosing the problem, I can't say. Did they say what they are replacing and why?
3. BCM - Body Control Module = Controls the ABS and traction control systems.
RTI - Road/Traffic Information= GPS system
CEM - Central Electronic Module = Your vehicle has a network of on-board computers, and the CEM is the main computer for that network.
SRS - Supplemental Restraint System = This controls all the airbags and seat belts
ECM - Engine Control Module = Controls the operation of the engine
Re: #2 - I was told that I would need a DIM ($938.00)and a SW ($63.00) plus tax = $1,081.00. Labor would be 2.5 hours @ $90.00 per hour.

Thanks again.
Hey Tessie,
There are companies that repair instrument panels. They normally deal with vehicles that have common failures, and I don't know of the DIM on the S60 failing very often.
I would still contact them and see if they have any info, here is their site:
I have a few questions:
a) Is this a Volvo Dealership?
b) Independent Volvo Shop?
c) Did the shop check all the literature from Volvo? Technical Service Bulletins? Recalls? Volvo Tech Net Notes (available at dealer only)?
The reason I ask is, this may be a known issue, and some of these can either be addressed with new software or by other means. It still may need a DIM, but you just want to make sure they have gone through the appropriate diagnosis before replacing such an expensive part.
The quote was from an independent Volvo Tech shop.
Volvo USA said that they could "work something out" if I had regular dealer service records, which I don't.
Here is another company you should check out: http://www.bba-reman.com/catalogue/index.aspx
They're a UK company but have a rebuilding facility here in the US. I don't believe they have a fix for this issue, but contact them anyway.
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Yes you can have them change the headlight settings by making a software adjustment. I bought a 2002 S 60 in 2005 and they charged me $250 to do this. I would think that this can be negotiated or taken elsewhere and done. As far as the dashboard module my price to fix this in 2011 was $1200. There is no way around that that I can see. When I had the module replaced the car had about 185k miles on it.