Electrical system shut off on 1997 Lincoln Town Car

Total electrical outage! When I entered the car there was nothing on - no lights or dash board data as usual. I tried to start it and there wasn't even the click of the battery trying. I went to find someone to give me jump and when I came back and opened the door again the lights were on and it would start just fine. Now again it is sitting in the driveway with nothing electrical working. I pulled in shut it off and immediately noticed that none of the usual components were running. No interiors lights, the radio which stays on til the doors open was off, and the "anti-theft" dash light was not on. It won't start - tried to jump - nothing. Help!!

by in Greenwood, IN on October 11, 2010
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ANSWER by on October 11, 2010
Kind of an unusual issue. Hearing what you are saying, I am leaning towards a lighting control module (LCM) issue. The LCM operates the Anti-Theft system that comes with the car. There are other circuits involved also that keep the car from starting if it thinks there is a theft, but none of those other circuits from what I can tell will cause you to have no lights and no radio staying on after the ignition is off.. The LCM can be involved with all those things. That's where I would concentrate my efforts.
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