Electrical System Failure on 1996 Acura RL

My RL was running fine. After not using it for two days, all of electrical functions have shutdown. The car won't start, there is no power to anything. I'm thinking/hoping it's a fuse. Any help is appreciated.

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Have you checked the battery? Maybe it has discharged?
It's the battery. I've never had a system fail with no warning signs.
mine did the same thing...BATTERY! change it
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First thing get you battery checked. Sounds like your battery may be drained. I have a 96' Acura 2.5 TL with 212000 miles on it so I have had every problem in the book. After you get the battery checked then check your positive and negative cables and see if they're corroded. Both of these things caused my car to do absolutely nothing. Hope this helps.