1991 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Q&A

1991 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Question: Electrical Short

Every once in awhile, when I am driving and turn on the blinkers, the dash acts like I just turned the key off and then right back on....The car runs fine during this...It's crazy... Any thoughts? This sometimes happens when I turn on the lights as well... Thanks for your time.. -
Answer 1
Check the regulator under the plastic cover in the upper left corner of the engine compartment. There is a red thing with two fuses in it. Check those fuses and replace if broken. I just had the same problem and that fixed it -
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I looked under the hood and there is only the fuse box with all the fuses. I didn't see a red box... -
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Thanks!! Had a blown fuse in the red box and took care of that issue and some others as well! -
Answer 2
My 91 300 sl does the exact same thing. every once in a while, when putting on the blinkers, all of the idiot lights on the dash briefly light up..Was told it's a short in the bliker stalk. in 2 years, never caused any problems.. -
Answer 3
I have the same problem, have not found the box with the two fuses in it, where can I find it, left side meaning drives side near the dash? -
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I had the same problem and just had a fuse blown in the red box and turned my ABS light off, my MPG needle started moving again, and car runs better. Thanks -
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You need to add blinker fluid it low -