Acura RL Problem Report

Acura RL Electrical Relay to Fuel Pump May Fail

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The relay that supplies electrical power to the fuel pump may fail, causing the engine to stall or fail to start.

My 1997 rl cut off several times abruptly while driving (not while slowing down) within a couple of weeks. Whenver it happened, I pulled over, turned the ignition off, and it started back up with no problem. Then, today, it wouldn't start at all. My mechanic checked the fuel pump fuse on the inside, and then changed the fuel pump relay next to the fuel pump and the car started fine. A couple of days later it began cutting off again, and now won't start.It sounds like its out of gas, but it isn,t. What could you suggest -
My Rl would just crank! I had the batt disconected for a week and just reconnected it the car started right up. Any suggestions guys? -
My car was driving just fine when I went shopping one day. When I came out of the store it wouldn't start. It was acting like it was out of fuel but I had a full tank. I had it towed in to the dealer{the only shop that could get it done that day}. I was told it was the relay sensor and it would cost just over 300 dollars. -
sounds like my relay, my RL turns over but acts like it's not getting gas. -
Car stop while driving, would not start back, sounds like it was out of gas. Relay had burn marks, cost $200 for repairs -
I get DTC 1456 and the engine fail to start sometimes after filling with fuel. -
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