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1993 Dodge Intrepid Question: Electrical Quirks

I noticed early on that the oil-can light flickered rapidly when sitting at stop lights, (in Drive, with the brakes on). Then the interior overhead lights began to turn on and off randomly. Sometimes the rear trunk pops open, and the button to open it no longer works. Now the fuel gauge reads empty continuously, even after filling it up completely. Is there a problem with my wiring or fuse(s)? Or is this something more serious? Edit: My air conditioning doesn't work any more, either. -
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IT IS POSESSED!!! Sell it. It will take more money that the car is worth. You can rate his answer all you want. SELL IT! -
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You you can believe matte, or the real reallity is SELL IT! -
Answer 2
This is almost certainly a serious electrical problem--it may be several electrical problems. The only good way to address something like this is to find a good diagnostic technician who can chase down the problem(s). Shops will charge you by the hour for diagnosis, and with electrical problems, this makes more sense than with other kinds of repair, as someone will probably have to spend some serious time inspecting the way your various system are working to isolate where there is trouble. -
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Autoknowhow has a point: it's probably not going to be cheap to fix. Just a warning! -
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I had a technician take a look at/repair whatever the problem was, and apparently the computer/control unit was faulty. I'll be getting my car back soon. Thanks for the help! -
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Really glad to hear that! Good luck! -
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Its a bad BCM my man. -
Answer 3
Iif this car has a body control module id change it. If not check the big red wire going to fuse and relay center that it is tight. -