Electrical problems with 2007 Buick Rainier on 2007 Buick Rainier

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I have a 2007 Buick Rainier and started having problems about two weeks ago. First, What is the system that controls the tire pressure monitoring system (Not the individual tire pressure monitors)? I get a message in the Drivers information display that says "Service tire pressure monitoring system". Second (I think these are all related) I am having problems with the key less entry system. Sometimes the key fob opens/locks the doors and sometimes not. I have replaced batteries in both key fobs ans I still have the same symptoms. What system controls the keyless entry system? thire, What system controls the rear lift gate latch/lock/unlock functions? Sometimes they will unlock and sometimes they wont. Even the unlock switch on the drivers door will not unlock it sometimes. Also, when the liftgate does unlock and open, it seem to keep unlocking or locking itself as long as the liftgate is open. What controls all of they different functions?
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There is different modules that work each function that you mention. All the modules communicate with each other and mostly verified by the body control module. There might be a communication problem and possibly has a software update to fix this issue. Check or call your dealer to see if there is a fix for your issues.
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Those are multiple issues, likely not related, but they possibly could be. The keyless entry system will malfunction if a latch position switch is faulty, from a defective module, or from a bad power or ground to the module. The tire monitor system on most vehicles uses it's own module and if the tires are all set to the proper inflation will require a sensor, module, of re-calibration, or perhaps all of the above. Both systems should provide some DTC information if scanned with the proper equipment. Unfortunately there is probably no "quick" fix to either. The systems will need to be scanned and then the faulty components tested and replaced. Sounds like the locks would be the higher priority as that situation could result in keys locked in the vehicle, battery drained, etc. Sorry I can't be more help online, but I will gladly take a look at it if you would like.
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