Electrical problems from bad battery cable on Volvo C70

The battery B+ cable has problems with the terminal end necessitating replacement. Symptoms may include no start, cranks wont start, warning lights coming on and other odd electrical issues. The B+ cable end is located in the engine compartment fuse box near the drivers side shock tower.

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Average mileage: 68,206 (20,000–157,000)
10 model years affected: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, more2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2010, 2011
20 people reported this problem
10 people shared problem details
2011 Volvo C7034,700
Since Feb 2015 I have required AAA to jumpstart my 2011 Volvo c70 5 ( yes FIVE) times (each the dead battery required jumpstarting in a parking garage). In August 2013, I had the original car battery replaced at the Volvo dealership. In Feb 2015, after I required 2 jumpstarts (one at the airport parking garage), I had AAA install a new battery with a 3 year guaranty. This was my 3rd car battery. In June 2015, the car died again at the airport parking garage, and I did some research and found the software upgrade was needed. I went to the dealership and they said they installed the updated software. Today August 17, 2015, I once again sit at the dealership. Later yesterday, after only being idle for 3 HOURS, the car died again. I had AAA jumpstart the car again. Since the June 2015 problems, I ensure there are no things running when I shut the car off - no radio, no AC, no lights, nothing connected to the USB etc) Once I get this car fixed today, I will be trading it in for a RELIABLE vehicle - a Lexus or Infiniti convertible. The car is not yet 5 years old and has less than 35,000 miles and is not reliable. I could be driving a 1985 Honda and have more reliability.
Battered just randomly drains. Immobilizer happens. Dealership has diagnosed: 1. Bad battery (had to pay for a new one) 2. Software update needed for drop top 3. Alternator replaced 4. Key has to be re programmed 4. Money money money Just keeps happening and there is no ONE reason. Should be a recall and repaired free every time.
2011 Volvo C7040,000
Car battery dead after sitting in garage 2-3 days. No key detected then Immobilizer warning when it does not start, then nothing....can't close doors if the windows stay up on the convertible, as the windows usually go down a bit when opening and closing doors. Love this car, but extremely disappointed with this issue. Have not contacted dealer YET-as just discovering this is an intermittent issue. Will start to drive with battery jump box in trunk, just in case. Will contact dealer and see what I am told.
2001 Volvo C7032,000
The dealership I used in Margate (Closest at the time to my house) was the one who stressed it an made the joint fail. They repaired it but it looks like shit. Really scary as the whole car lost power while driving on the highway. The Dealership is the worst part about owning a Volvo.
2011 Volvo C7020,000
Not fixed yet. Hoping you could tell me.
Model V70 At Random times after the car has not been used for 1 day or longer it will not start. This has happen at least 3 times. Dealer is saying the battery is bad.
Loud clicking- no turn over. All warning lights illuminate. After a 30 minute wait, the engine turned over and started. Believe this may be a battery problem as the courtesy lights were on while I was detailing the car for about an hour- which I didn't realize. This is second time I've had this problem. At least I'm next to my building this time and not in Montauk.
If I do not drive the car for, say, three or more days, DEAD. After jumping and driving, usually cures the problem (if I drive every day). Yesterday, while driving at night, it went completely dead -- not even enough to turn on flashers. I was able to jump and get it home.
2001 Volvo C7086,566
Had not closed trunk completely and found battery dead 2days later. Tried to jump battery and it wouldn't take. Had car towed to dealership and was told the B+ cable was bad and had drained battery cells (battery was purchased June, 2012) and I would have to have both battery and B+cable replaced. Battery: $190.00. Cable: $165.00.
dash lights abs,anti traction,light lights up , I guess due to faulty battery cable
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