Electrical Problems on 2008 Honda Civic

I keep needing to jump start the car, keep bringing it into Honda, and Honda keeps telling me that both the battery and the engine off electrical current draw tests are perfect. I would appreciate any insights you may have on this problem.

by in Bakersfield, CA on January 26, 2011
1 answer
ANSWER by on January 26, 2011
How well is the charging system working, does it charge at a voltage rate of at least 14.1 volts at idle, with no loads? Also, do you ever use your car to charge your cell phone? I have found many problems with people doing that. Another thing, one way to really test a battery is to charge it fully and then disconnect it and see if it holds a charge over night. I have seen batteries that are brand new that will not hold a charge for an 8 hour period, due to a miniscule short that was a manufacturing defect.
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