Electrical problem, windows on 2007 Volkswagen Jetta

My drivers side window only goes up or down if I put the key in the door, a couple times it has gone up and down on its own and will not go back up unless I stop the car, get out, and turn the key on the door. The front passenger window will only go down from the passenger door, once down, it will not go up from the control panel on the drivers side door. The doors will randomly lock when i am driving. One time the horn went off and remained on for 2 hours (this was during a heavy rain storm) These problems began about 6 months ago, but seem to be getting worse! The window's have not worked for a solid month now! I'm wondering if it is window switch, wire disconnect, motor? Any suggestions would be appreciated greatly. Thank you

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all of these things may be from one cause. most cars today have a "convenience module" or body module. this
controls thinsg like lighting, locks, windows and the alarm system. this cannot be diagnosed with VW software.
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this year and model vw uses many control modules wich are connected and speak to each other on a can bus(network)broken can wires in the a pillar area are a common cause of this failure,you will need a high level vw scan tool to track this properly and not waste expensive diagnostic time