Electrical Problem on 2002 Saturn L100

I had my trunk release, door locks,interior lights, dash lights gas gauge, temp gauge, and headlight sensor all stop working at the same time. I cannot put my car into gear unless i do it manually. I smelled a very strong electrical burning smell when this happened. Checked fuses and wires but could not find the issue. Any ideas?

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Just because the fuses are not blown, doesnt mean your system is working right. You should check for voltage at the fuses. If the voltage for the problem areas is not there, you may need to get the computer checked out. You may not have fried the whole computer, but maybe just a few circuits in it. That would be my guess if you were IN the car and could smell the electric burn. This could also affect some of the safety scensors your car has to lead to the "no shift" problem. Good luck to you.
Thank you for your help. I will get it hooked up and checked out.