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2001 BMW 740i Question: Electrical Problem?



dave13991, Ridgewood, NY, June 21, 2011, 13:25

Recently replaced my alternator (about 3 weeks ago) then had a problem with my battery which probably came from the old alternator taking quite a toll on it before it finally died so i replaced it. but i am still having an energy problem my car just clicks when i try to start it. After jumping it to start it, it seems to drive fine but every few minutes the radio will shut off and turn back on. also all of the icons on my display will light up for a second and then go off as if the car is getting started again. finally the check engine light is also on. I'm guessing there is a short but was wondering if anyone could narrow it down for me with the described symptoms above.

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    overbys from Overbys Inc, June 22, 2011, 09:39

    this car uses a battery monitoring module and can very easily damaged if you have jump started you car from another vehicle. you will need a good BMW specialty shop
    with the proper software to diagnose this for you. the parts stores that offer a free scan will not have this software.

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