electrical problem on 1994 Volvo 960

When I am driving, all the dashboard lights come on and the car loses all power. I pull over and it starts right back up. Sometimes it does this two or three times a day and sometimes not at all. Any ideas? My mechanic can't figure out what is wrong. Everytime he drives it, it runs fine (of course).

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Hi Debbie,
Sounds like the engine is stalling while you're driving. Has your mechanic check for diagnostic trouble codes? I would get these codes if there are any and post them here, then I can better assist you. I would also replace the fuel pump relay, they were problematic on these models and would cause this same problem.
yes, he comes up with fuel injection codes 113/115. What about the fuel pump itself, could that be the issue?
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Unplug your main harnes to your fuse box clean contacts and plug it back in