Electrical issue w/ my turn signals on 1992 Honda Civic

I have had an issue that started with my back up lights not working. I checked all the fuses and changed all the bulbs and they still wouldn't work. That issue was a while back. Recently my turn signals stopped working, and that was due to the back up light fuse blowing. Everytime I switch out the fuse it keeps blowing, and now it's blowing my cluster so I gas gauge, temperature, and speedometer don't work. Any suggestions would be appreciated on where to look for the issue. Thanks!

Asked by for the 1992 Honda Civic
Unfortunately this sounds like you are going to need to take it in for service. It appears the situation you are having is a bit complicated, and almost impossible to diagnose over the internet. The reason the fuse is blowing is that there is a short to ground on the power circuit before and electrical load, so that would have to be probably the first place to start. I would recommend paying a qualified technician to tackle this problem, it will be well worth the $100 or so dollars in my opinion. Good luck.