Volkswagen Jetta Problem Report

Volkswagen Jetta Electrical Fan continues running after car turned off. Draines battery.

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Radiator fan continues to run after car is off. Runs for about 30 minutes or till battery is dead. Help -
the fans continue to run after the motor is turned off and drains the battery dry. help -
Fan is coming on and off, runs for different periods of time, drains battery -
My damn cooling fan stays on for at 4 minutes or more, after having turned the car off. Plus, it sounds like a loud lawnmower! -
Fan will come on after accessing the car through drivers door even of it has been off for hours. -
Same thing as described in other posts. After listening to it run for about 3 minutes, I turned the car on again and turned it off. The fan turned off afterwards. I have a feeling this will happen again until the fan unit is replaced. -
Fan assembly replaced. Dealer said there was a short in the electronics which led to fan not turning off after car was shut off. -
Electrical fan run for a long time after turning the engine off. It make big noise while turning. it turns off at certain for some seconds and starts to run again and again. for a proximately 5 minutes. I took it for service in March 2014 and reported the issues and was told that they cannot find any fault with it, and I should just drive it. This grains my battery. Please help. Walter -
Fan continues to run when I turn off my car. It didn't do it until March & my mechanic has changed out several things on the car but it still does it. Runs my battery dead -
After having my battery replaced, I noticed my engine light was on and my fan was running "hard". It also runs for 10 seconds after my car is turned off. Diagnostics stated "cooling system malfunction". -
Radiator fan keeps running until battery is completely drained -
I wasn't fixed. Nobody could find the source of problem. My fix is to disconnect battery every night. -
I have the same problem---the fan continues to run after I turn off the ignition. I start the car again and turn it off until the fan stops. Usually, I have to do this more than once. Lately, the probalem has been occuring more often. -
fan motors keep running when car turned off until they drain battery -
Fan by radiator runs after car if shut off. -
Radiator fan turnes on on when car is turned off and draines the batery. For now I just keep on disconnecting the batery. -
I am having a similar problem with my fan... I noticed in the summer of 2013 only 1 of the 2 fans were running.. So I decided to order a new fan! Had it installed by PepBoys... This was early 2014.... Since then, my fan kicks on after my car is turned off! If I get out of my car, & lock it, & the fan doesn't turn on, as soon as I unlock the car, & open a door, the fan kicks on. It seems to be getting worse, & the Volkswagen dealership can not find the problem. They replaced the entire fuse box under the hood (because my wheel well cover was ripped off of my car, & salt got in a did some damage). Thinking that was the problem, but it didn't work!! I need help, & am out of options. (They said possibly the ECM, (Engine Control Module) but was not sure that would even solve the issue! -
the fan just continues to run after i shut the car off it stops about 2 minutes after i shut off the car and remove the key -
I can open and close my door hours after the car has cooled and my fan comes on -
The electrical fan comes on after I shut down the car and drains the battery. -
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