electrical dash problem on 2000 BMW 328i

i lose speedometer fuel gauge low anti freeze light comes on traction control light turns on brake light turns on abs light tuns on and all fuses are good.

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I have the exact same issues. Either the brake light, traction control light and ABS lights are on, or (like today) none of the displays are working at all (no speed, no fuel gauge indication etc). I do have headlights and blinkers (but no clicking sound with the blinkers). I will check the battery terminals first.
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An ABS Control Module problem can be responsible for the ABS, traction control and speedometer problems, but not the fuel gauge and anti freeze light. If they are all coming on and going off at the same time, then I think your losing power somewhere, maybe the ignition switch? Check the battery and make sure it is not loose and moving when you are turning, causing a problem. Make sure the battery cables and terminals on the battery are OK too.